5 Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas You Haven’t Explored Yet

Valentine’s Day is one of the many annual events we just love because of the butterfly feelings and gifts we receive. But we also know that one of the most daunting things, however, is figuring out the best gifts to buy that speak nothing but love to our loved ones. These 5 best Valentine’s day gift ideas we have curated for you in this article will help you sort that.

Real talk, the top google searches of valentine’s day gift ideas for your partner mostly suggest chocolates, perfumes, shirts, flowers, etc. All good, no doubt, but we think they are becoming a bit boring and the norm already, especially in 2021. The truth is, what people truly want and desire are the simple things that would make their lives a whole lot easier and take the stress off their shoulders. 

One of the many things we already know that contributes to the stress of Nigerians is transportation. Moving from one place to another can be quite stressful, especially in Lagos, Nigeria. And because we are Plentywaka, a technology-driven transportation company, we have curated different ways you can make life a lot comfortable and easier for the people you truly love.

This article would explore all the stress-free gift ideas you haven’t thought about, but we know would be really appreciated if practiced. So whether you’re searching for Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her or him, or just gift ideas to buy for your man, woman, best friend, this blog post is here to help. 


Top 5 Simple Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 

1. Book Or Pay For Their Ride 

Ditch the flowers this valentine’s season and book a ride on any of their favorite ride-hailing service to get them to and from their destination. You can choose to handle the bills for the day or the entire week of valentine. Imagine the excitement it would bring if he/she gets a text in the morning with the words “hi babe, I just booked a ride on Plentywaka for you this morning, go get dressed”. You would be taking 90% of the stress of jumping from one Lagos Danfo bus to work or wherever off their shoulders.

With the Plentywaka mobile app, you can even book more than one seat for you and your partner, friend, or even colleagues for the day, just to show them how much you love and truly care about their comfort.

2. Credit their Wallet With Funds 

Everybody loves the sound of a credit alert on their phone. Everybody. Imagine how loved your friend or partner would feel knowing you just funded their e-wallet for the week.

Digital technology has made it a lot easier now for everyone to fund their e-wallets on their ride or bus hailing apps and book for rides at any time without being bothered about the fare for each day. This is your cue. Fund their e-wallet and watch their heart “burn for you“.

This means they would not have to worry about driving to work that day or even that week, neither do they have to deal with hustling for the fare for that week. You won!

3. Refer or Gift Your Partner A Free Ride

You have been using Plentywaka for a while now, but still yet to invite your partner or friend to experience the service, Why? Well, the Valentine season is a good time to write your wrongs. Go to the referrals tab on the Plentywaka mobile app, and share your unique promo code by tapping “invite friends” to get them on board. Tell them it’s your valentine’s day gift to them. It would cost Zero Naira to pull this off.

The best part is when you share, their wallet gets funded and yours get funded too for each person you share to. It’s like giving yourself just the right amount of love you are dishing out. Lol.

4. Hire A Bus for a Beach Hangout With Your Friends

Why spend Valentine alone and indoors when you can simply hire a Plentywaka bus and take your friends ( especially the single ones *winks*) out on a cruise. Try this and watch your friends use you as the standard for getting new friends. You will most likely become the “talk of the town” if you do this. To find out more details about this click here.

5. As a Company- Get A Staff Bus For Your Employees

Chocolates will melt. Flowers will most likely dry up or fade. Jollof rice would end up in the loo. But do you know what would last? It is the love and comfort you would give to your employees by getting them a staff bus this season.

Show them how much you care about their well-being by booking a staff bus on the Plentywaka platform. Do this and watch the level of productivity and revenue increase drastically.

With these 5 best valentine gift ideas we just gave you for free, we hope you have been convinced that there is still hope for you to sweep your loved ones off their feet this valentine.

Need a sign to celebrate Valentine’s day? This is it!

5 Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas You Have Not Explored Yet in 2021


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