Special Message From Our Managing Director

Dear Riders,

It is with great pleasure that I, Johnny Ena, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Plentywaka, welcome you to 2021.

Just like everyone around the globe, you found different ways to pull through the challenges 2020 posed to our health, finances, loved ones, and economy in general. Your courage through the year personally and with the Plentywaka brand is highly commendable.

I assure you that this is a brand that has now grown beyond just a team of four founders that sat together to discuss how best they can change the way Lagosians move from one place to another. It is now one loved and driven by Nigerians, you precisely. This is why we will work tirelessly not to drop the ball because of the faith you have in us. To carry you along on our plans to improve and deliver the best service in 2021, we have two announcements to share with you.

First, starting from the 11th of January, 2021, there would be a slight increase in our bus fares on all routes within Lagos State. We understand that this might involve you adding just a little extra to your funds in your Wakapurse, but do not be alarmed as this is just a slight increment from the regular charges we have had before. 

Although we tried our best not to do this as we understand the times we are in, we, however, decided as a team that to keep up with the maintenance of our vehicles, improve our services, and continue to sustain the high cost of daily operations, it has to be done. This is why we have ensured that the charges still stay at a slightly affordable rate. All of this is to ensure we continually give you an even better “plentywaka experience” in the new year.

Secondly, we will be re-opening the CMS to Sangotedo route. This means you can now order a ride from CMS to Sangotedo and back starting on the 11th of January, 2020 at any time of the day using the Plentywaka Mobile App. See a list of the bus stops at the end of this blog post.

Rest assured that safety, convenience, and comfort which are the three pillars of service we run with will always be our top priority in 2021 and beyond. Neither has wavered during this pandemic, we have just taken it up a level.

As you go about your daily activities, remember Covid 19 is still present in our midst, hence I implore you to always wash and sanitize your hands as often as possible, practice social distancing, wear your face masks at all times, and isolate yourself if you are sick. It is our responsibility to keep ourselves safe.

Thanks again to all of you for moving with us. Stay safe and have a fruitful year

Johnny Enagwolor

President and Co-Founder, Plentywaka

Please take note of the listed bus stops on our Sangotedo – CMS route.

  • Sangotedo Bus Stop
  • Safeway Bus Stop
  • Alpha Bus Stop
  • Ogidan Bus Stop
  • Blenco Farm Bus Stop
  • Happyland Bus Stop
  • Olokonla Bus Stop
  • LBS Bus Stop
  • Alacia Bus Stop
  • General Paint Bus Stop
  • Abraham Adesanya Bus Stop
  • Doren Bus Stop
  • Ajah Bus Stop
  • Ilaje Bus Stop
  • Ikota Shopping Complex Bus Stop
  • VGC Bus Stop
  • Ikota Second Gate Bus Stop
  • Ikota First Gate Bus Stop
  • Ikota School Bus Stop
  • Eleganza Bus Stop
  • Tipper Garage Bus Stop
  • Chevron Bus Stop
  • New Road Bus Stop
  • Igbo Efon Bus Stop
  • Agungi Bus Stop
  • Jakande (5th R/A) Bus Stop
  • Jakande 1st Gate Bus Stop
  • Salem Bus Stop
  • Ilasan Bus Stop
  • Chisco Bus Stop
  • Ikate Elegushi Bus Stop
  • Ikate Bus Stop
  • Elf Bus Stop
  • Maruwa Bus Stop
  • Jazz 38 Bus Stop
  • Lekki Phase 1 Bus Stop
  • Sandfill Bus Stop
  • 1004 Estate Bus Stop
  • Law School Bus Stop
  • Ozumba Mbadiwe Bus Stop
  • Bonny Camp Bus Stop
  • CMS (OANDO) Bus Stop
  • CMS (Conoil) Bus Stop

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