Plentywaka Launches Staff Bus Solutions For Corporate Organisations

Plentywaka Launches Staff Bus Solutions For Corporate Organisations

Plentywaka, the technology-driven ride-hailing service aimed at providing commuters safety, comfort, and convenience in their daily rides has just launched a new product for corporate organizations referred to as Plentywaka Staff Bus Solutions.

Plentywaka Staff-Bus Solution is an exclusive bus service powered by technology to provide staff bus solutions to corporate organizations. The goal is to provide premium dedicated buses to organizations to ease the stress of transportation of staff to and from work.

In light of the current pandemic caused by COVID-19, there have been growing concerns for all sizes of organizations seeking safer ways to commute for their staff daily. This solution was developed for this purpose to help organizations achieve employee satisfaction, safer commute to and from work, foster team bonding amongst staff, save the cost of managing an in-house fleet of transportation amongst others. Happy, well-rested employees equates to higher retention and job satisfaction.

Since its launch into the public transportation space, Plentywaka has held on to the core objectives of delivering better quality, safer, more convenient transport services that genuinely benefit riders at all times. This is evident in its growth over the last 8 months.

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Why You Need The Plentywaka Staff Bus Service


Plentywaka has a proven track record of ensuring the safety of all riders at every given time while in transit. Every company needs that assurance that its staff members are safe and secured while commuting to and from work.

The pilots and vehicle assistants are properly screened and trained before being assigned to any of the vehicles. A professionally-administered background check is done on all pilots before they are allowed on any of the Plentywaka vehicles. This is to ensure riders feel safe.

Saves Cost Of Management

The majority of working-class individuals today spend a fair share of their salary on transportation. This includes funds spent on fuel, car maintenance, insurance, and (or) public transportation to and back from work. Signing up to the Plentywaka Staff Bus Solution would help reduce the cost of transportation for staff and management.

Moreso, it will help to reduce the cost from having to procure and manage buses in-house as Plentywaka will be responsible for moving the staff to work and back to their destinations as well as managing the fleet of buses. Every organization registered on the platform gets full access to a dashboard for real-time monitoring and data collection.

Community Building

One of the aims of the Plentywaka Staff Bus Solution is to build and foster a community within the organizations. We recognize that the bonding time amongst staff builds a stronger workplace satisfaction and corporate identity and this can be achieved when they get to ride together.

Employees get to spend more time together, develop personal relationships amongst themselves, feel more connected, and foster a sense of teamwork.

Comfort/ Convenience

All Plentywaka vehicles are fully air-conditioned, spacious, and comfortable. Its comfort is such that it improves the productivity of staff as it provides the extra time for employees to prepare for the day, check their emails, pay attention to work even while in transit to meet up deadlines before work, or even catch up on the news.

Furthermore, daily scheduled shuttles ensure all employees arrive at the office on time and stress-free.

Improves Quality Of Life

As a result of the terrible traffic situation and the unavailability of alternative transport options, the average Lagosian is likely to spend more hours in transit than they spend resting at home during the weekdays. While Plentywaka might not necessarily reduce the traffic situation in busy cities, we can assure that the comfort and convenience in all the vehicles would contribute to improving the quality of life of staff.

Boost your employee satisfaction and save your staff the stress of commuting to work by driving their own cars or using local public transportation by registering your company on the platform. You will see better workplace satisfaction as well as an increase in punctuality as the bus picks every staff within the time allocated for pick up and drop off.

Saves The Environment

With lesser vehicles on the roads, You help to save the environment by reducing carbon emission in line with SDG 13 in combating climate change. Your company will be helping the environment by reducing its dependence on fossil fuel.

At Plentywaka, we challenge the traditional conventions of travel so that we can provide better quality, safer, more convenient transport services that genuinely benefit our riders at all times.

Signing up is pretty easy! Kindly click on this link or send us a mail at

We can’t wait to have your team on board!

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