Introducing the Waka Purse

PlentyWaka has introduced a new system to make your payments easier and more comfortable!

At PlentyWaka, our focus has always been to create an efficient and well-structured transport system by leveraging on technology. To achieve this, we created a minibus system which caters to user’s comfort, convenience, and security, for an all round luxurious expense. If you want to start using PlentyWaka, the steps are simple:

1. Download the app on Playstore or Apple Store.

2. Register with your email.

3. Enter your Pick Up and Drop Off Location.

4. Once you click on ‘Reserve a Seat,’ you will be redirected to add your payment method as a first time user. Here, you would also see the estimated duration for the ride and estimated bus fare.

5. Add your payment method and you are all set.

To make payment easier for our users, we are introducing a wallet system called “Waka Purse.”

About Waka Purse

Waka Purse is a wallet system which allows users to load their e-wallet directly from their bank accounts and conveniently pay for rides. Some of the benefits of Waka Purse are:

  • It encourages the cashless policy.
  • Transactions are smoother and faster.
  • It encourages automated billing.
  • It makes it easier for users to set aside transportation funds by simply transferring it to their Waka Purse.

How to Use Your Waka Purse

  1. Kindly update your PlentyWaka App on either Playstore or the IOS store.
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2. After updating, open the app and click on the profile icon at the top right corner.

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3. Click on Payment method.

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4. Click on “Add funds” under PlentyWaka wallet. Click “Set as default” and make Waka Purse your default payment method.

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5. Enter the amount you wish to fund.

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And just like that, your riding experience will be made easier!

If you have any inquiries, kindly send an email to

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